When do I require a Builder?
- A Builder is essentially a Project Manager (usually also a Carpenter by trade). A Trade Contractor is licensed to do a specific task, for example Carpentry, Cabinet Making, Tiling etc. A Trade Contractor is not licensed to coordinate other trades over the total value of $3,300inc (materials & labour). For Instance in a kitchen renovation where the cost break down is like this

  • Cabinet Maker $ 23,000
  • Plumbing $ 400
  • Sanitary Hardware $700
  • Electrical $ 1,200
  • Painting $ 600
  • Appliances $ 1,800
In this example the Cabinet Maker would need to hold a Builders License as the out of scope costs total $ 4,700inc. Alternatively as the work is over the value of $11,000inc. the owner could also apply for an owner builders license. Here are some QBCC links for more information.


I need plans drawn up, do I need a Draftsman/Building Designer or an Architect?
- It all depends on the project & what you hope to get out of it. A Draftsman/Building Designer will draw up your plans based on the information you provided them in the brief. This may be all you require if you are on a tight budget & you know exactly what you want. An Architect will be more skilled in areas such as town planning, building code requirements, environmental design, interior design, energy efficiency, liveability & personalised design & aesthetics. In my experience there is less likelihood of contract variations with Architectural plans as the full design potential has been realised prior to commencement of construction.

Can you draw up the plans?
- No, but I can put you in touch with Architects or Interior Designers that I've worked closely with & highly recommend that can.

What do I need before I can get a quote?
- it depends on the scale of the job, for minor alterations you may only need to provide a list of fixtures, fittings & finishes. The rest we can discuss at the brief. For larger projects you'll need Architectural Plans w/ schedule of fit & finishes as well as Engineering Plans.

What are P.C & P.S items?
- P.C (Prime Cost) & P.S (Provisional Cost) items are values placed on items that can't be calculated due to insufficient information. Examples of these are -
  • Door Handles $ 50 (P.C item)
  • Electrical $ 1,200 (P.S item)
In this example a figure of $ 50 has been included in the quote for the cost of yet to be selected door handles (this is a price per item). Once selected if the value is higher or lower the difference with be charged or credited. In the second example a P.S item has been placed on electrical. As at time of quoting on a renovation project the Electrician has no way of determining the extent of the rewiring needed due to existing walls being sheeted, he has placed an estimated figure of $ 1,200 on the work required. If the final cost differs from the P.S sum the difference will be charged or credited. Upon request all invoices must be provided to the client.

Are you Insured?
- Yes, we carry Master Builders highest level of insurance which even covered construction works effected during the 2011 flood.

Do you build Pools?
- Yes, but only as part of a building project. If you require a stand alone pool I can put you in contact with a trusted licensed pool builder.


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